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Sheriff's / Treasurer's Deeds

Sheriff's / Treasurer's Deeds, 1749-1905; 1909-1930 (Treasurer's only) 

Description: A sheriff's sale, commonly an auction, is conducted by a sheriff to carry out a decree of execution or foreclosure issued by a court. The recorded location of Sheriff's Deeds vary. The following is a list of where the deeds were recorded.
  • 1749-1800 The deeds are recorded in the Appearance and Common Pleas Dockets. There is no known index.
  • 1800-1837 The deeds are still recorded in Appearance and Common Pleas, but are indexed.
  • 1837-1874 Sheriff's Deeds are recorded in Prothonotary Miscellaneous Dockets and are indexed.
  • 1874-1905 Sheriff's deeds are recorded in Sheriff's Deed books 1-7B. Sheriff's Deed Books are indexed.
  • This index also includes Treasurer's sales from 1909-1930. Beginning in 1909 Treasurer's sales, now known as tax sales, were no longer recorded as Sheriff's sales.  The index reference TR refers to the Treasurer's Deed Poll Book. 
  • After 1905, Sheriff's deeds are recorded in deed books.

Content: Sheriff's deeds contain the name of person who purchases the property, the name of the person whose property is being sold by the sheriff, name of the sheriff, description of property including buildings and names of adjoining landowners, purchase price, and date of sale.


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