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Prothonotary - Misc. Dockets

Prothonotary Miscellaneous Dockets, AA (1837) - CCC (1997).

Description: Dockets kept for recording Prothonotary Miscellaneous papers. Individuals, organizations and the county government requesting court action file the records. These matters are brought before the court, but are not civil suits. Prior to the Miscellaneous Dockets, these records are found in the Appearance and Common Pleas Dockets.

Content: This series includes a wide variety of records including: admission to the bar, charters, decrees of dissolution, resignations and appointments of inspectors and overseers of elections, insolvent debtors requesting discharge from prison, requests to be excused from jury duty, petitions for appointment of viewers, petitions for satisfaction of mortgages, police appointments for camp meetings, appointments of tipstaff, bonds for justices of the peace, auditors reports, report of county controller, certificates of disbarment, articles of incorporation, and appointment of inspectors for school districts. It may also include oaths of county officials.

Prothonotary Miscellaneous Indexes, 1800 - 1942.

Content: Lists name, year, book and page number, and subject matter. The records indexed prior to the first Miscellaneous docket in 1837, refer to Appearance and Common Pleas Dockets.

**Please note** For Prothonotary Miscellaneous Records after 1939, please see the Prothonotary's Office.
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