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Partition Dockets

Partition Dockets, 1890-1954.

Description: Partition Dockets hold information pertaining to the land left by individuals upon their death. Typically there are several heirs of the decedent interested in the real estate. A determination by the Orphan's Court and the Sheriff of the county is needed to produce the most realistic and profitable solution to settling this aspect of the estate. There are five Partition Docket Books in our holdings and the records run chronologically by court term and case number. Partitions are indexed in the Orphan's Court Index. They are found in the Partition Dockets or the Orphan's Court papers within our Estate Files.

Content: Information in this record series may include the name of the decedent, date of death, location of the property, name of the administrator or executor and names of the heirs and those interested in said property. The entry may also provide a description of the property, number of acreage and the names of the surrounding landowners. This record series may also include petitions for Sheriff inquests to make partitions of the property. This petition will employ a group of non-interested individuals who will survey the property to determine if the property can be partitioned or divided between the heirs of the decedent. The record will contain the assessed value of the property. Authorizations to sell properties are also included in this record series. Commonly, the court will order the property sold and the proceeds divided instead of ordering a physical partition of the property.

Note: Partitions are indexed in the Orphans' Court Index.
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