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Mortgage Books

Mortgage Books, R (1842) - 15Z (1951).

Description: A mortgage is an interest in land created by a written instrument providing security for the performance of a duty or the payment of a debt.

Content: Each mortgage shows the names and addresses of the parties, terms and provisions of the mortgage, location and description of property, acknowledgement and date. The margin of the mortgage should show if it was satisfied, assigned or released.

Note: Mortgages prior to 1842 were recorded in the Deed books.

Mortgage Indexes; Mortgagee Indexes 1775-1984, Mortgagor Indexes 1775-1946.  For mortgages prior to 1775, please contact the Archives for a separate index. 

Content: The indexes list the mortgagee, mortgagor, location, amount, date, book and page number and if the mortgage was satisfied.

Glossary of Terms

Mortgagor - person borrowing money

Mortgagee - person or organization lending money

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